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Jean's scripts archive

In fact I've just created this page to easier access my scripts if I am not at home. The license for all my scripts is MIT. Did you find something useful here? Let me know.

Please note, version <1 means the script might not be finished, yet.

Title Version Date Description Download
inotifyscan 0.1 20th December, 2015 just runs clamscan and/or savscan on created and modified files, uses CDB as hash-database inotifyscan.tar.gz
ZFS Auto Snapshots 0.1 20th December, 2015 Creates automatic zfs snapshots, complete rewrite auto-snapshots.tar.gz
ZFS Snapshots 0.1 26th June, 2015 Creates zfs snapshots similar to timeslider for every dataset using Cronjobs snapshots.tar.gz
Hashclamscan 0.1 26th June, 2015 Searches modified and new files using hashes and scans them using clamscan hashclamscan.tar.gz
ZFS replication 0.1 24th January, 2016 Simple script which can be used for zfs replication/backup purposes from one pool to another remote pool zfs-repl.tar.gz